Frequent asked questions

1. What is this app for?

Tennis tracker enables to record video of a tennis game with a iPhone 10 or 11 and automatically be analyzed by an innovative and powerful AI algorithms to detect the ball and player in order to give you added value and insights on your game.

2. Why can it only work with iPhone 10 or 11?

It can only work using the powerful Apple AI chip that enables to analyze in real time each frame of the video to detect the ball and player in order to get data out of it. Phones before are just not powerful enough.

3. What should be the iPhone recording position?

You should place the iPhone on a phone support recording in a still position based on the net and pointing to the player you want to have some insight. The iPhone should be as higher as possible, being at least higher than the net. But the best would be to place it at 2 meters high or even more. Check the help files on this.

4. What is the app really doing under the wood?

In each video frame the app is using the AI chip to detect the tennis ball as well as the player position inside the tennis field. Then based on complex calculation we can calculate where the ball hit the ground as well as was hit by the player. This will enable us to calculate approximate speeds.

5. Why is this so difficult to do?

Teaching AI chips to detect balls that can travel at 150km/h based on a standard phone camera as well as knowing where the ball hit on a 3D tennis courts based on a 2D image is state of the art science.

6. Why is the app free to use?

We are testing how everything works and improving results, once we feel the results are very good, we will begin charging a fair fee to use this state of the art app.

7. Will the app evolve?

Yes, we are here for the long run. We are tennis players and we want to make magic out of an automatic video from a game. We think we will be able to tell in a near future when the ball went in or out, identify lefts and rights, volleys, km done on a game,…give us time and collaborate with us.

8. How can I collaborate with you?

We need a lot of video data and opinions on what you think is useful to you as a player so we direct our research to your priorities.